Book 7 Cover Reveal!

Introducing the seventh book in the Emmie & Friends series, coming out May 2, 2023…

It’s finally sweet Sarah’s turn in the spotlight! The story kicks off as Sarah Reyes tries to decide if she should ask a boy to the school spring dance. But he’s not just any boy — he’s her best friend Leo’s buddy, Ben! The chapters switch back and forth between Sarah’s and Leo’s POV and showcase two “what if” scenarios: whether Sarah asks Ben and whether she chickens out…and what events unfold based on each of those decisions!

As always, relationships, self-doubt, feelings galore, and hilarity take center stage in this latest installment about mustering courage and facing decisions.


Sarah and Leo have been best friends since they were little. They share everything… until Sarah starts crushing on Leo’s friend Ben. Then one day Sarah is suddenly faced with a big choice — ask Ben to the school dance OR chicken out. Either way, Sarah and Leo’s friendship will be put to the test.

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  1. Omg I’m so excited for the new Emmie and Friend book!! My fave so far is probably Just Jaime or Remarkably Ruby. I can’t wait to see Sarahs POV!! Terri Levenson if you read this, I just want you to know I adore you and your books. I even have the Emmie and Friends Interactive journal book (I took the quiz and I am Jaime) and have read a lot of the pajama diary panels. From your number 1 fan, Lilah!

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