Reader Questions!

I get such wonderful letters and emails from readers. Occasionally, they ask me overlapping questions, so I thought I’d create a fun video answering some of them. Enjoy!

18 Comments on “Reader Questions!

  1. Hey Terri! Some motivation for you from your biggest fan! Don’t stress. You got this! Good luck today! I know you are going to do great. You’re making a significant change, and I’m so proud! Sending some good vibes and happy thoughts your way. Love you, Eleanor!

  2. Hi! I have a suggestion for your next book! I think it should be mainly about Joe! Maybe it could be called Jealous Joe and be related to how he is jealous of Leo and Sarah’s relationship. I really love your books! They are my favorite!

  3. Hi Mrs. Libenson! I’m a huge fan of emmie and friends! I just wanted to ask a simple question. Why did you chose to make Katie (Invisible Emmie) emmie’s alter ego? Maybe she could’ve had been real? And in Truly Tyler, why did Emmie, Brianna, Sarah, etc called Jaime and Maya “Gossip Girls”? I thought in Jaime, they all became friends? I kind of got confused on that part. But I love your books so much! They remind me of my life in middle school. Thanks!

  4. Hey Mrs. Libenson! Its me, Kayra again. I just finished reading “Remarkable Ruby”, and I really wanted to suggest a book idea for a lot of people who feel this way. You should write a book about a girl who is starting her first year of middle school, and becomes close friends with this new girl. But then all the girl’s friends take the new girl’s side in a conflict they have, and they have a long fight even though the new girl hurt the girl’s feeling without even realizing. This book should be dedicated to people who feels like everyone is against them, when others don’t realize how they feel. This is just an idea I have. You don’t need to use it. Just you reading this will make my day! Thanks so much! 🙂

  5. Hi Terri! I absolutely loveeee ur books! i just have a book idea or 2, but what if u did a book on Anthony and Jaime about like how they both like each other but dont have the guts to ask each other out to a valentines disco dance but all their friends also want to just go in their friend group and another idea is if u get a story with 2 teachers and their boring routines at school, until a new student comes along and changes things up. these are just a few jdeas, but thank you anyways!

  6. Hi Terri, I really love your books and I was thinking maybe a book about Dev or Juan would be nice? Like ‘definitely Dev’ or ‘joyfully Juan’. As well as that, some of the other comments mentioned a book about Joe and I think that would also be really nice, maybe ‘jolly Joe’ even.
    Thank you for all your work on these amazing books too!

  7. Hi Terri, I love your books! I was thinking a book about Dev or Juan would be nice, maybe ‘definitely Dev’ or ‘joyfully Juan’? As well as that, I saw some other comments mentioning Joe and I think it would be a cool idea as well, ‘jolly Joe’, possibly? Anyways, thank you for all your work you put into these awesome books and I hope you are well!

  8. Maybe you could do a book from the POVs of Grace as the main character and Celia as the secondary character and maybe call it “Graceful Grace” or something. Maybe it could take place in the summer between seventh and eighth grade, and we can see Celia’s motives for being Celia and see what Grace does to handle being the butt of Celia and Lindsay’s jokes.

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