Truly Tyler

TRULY TYLER* is the fifth book in the best-selling Emmie & Friends series. It stars both Emmie and her crush, Tyler, from INVISIBLE EMMIE.


The story kicks off as popular Tyler and shy Emmie join forces in art class to create their own comic book. The chapters switch back and forth between them as they work on their project over the span of three weeks.

Troubles begin when Tyler’s friends and basketball teammates start giving him a hard time for throwing himself into art and hanging out with Emmie. Emmie soon realizes that Tyler’s friends don’t think she’s cool enough for him. She also wonders if striving for coolness means dumping some of her friends.

Peer pressure, self doubt, and (as always) hilarity ensue in this layered tale. It’s a story about being your truest self — and trusting your truest friends. BONUS: This includes Tyler and Emmie’s final comic creation — as in: a book within a book!

For ages 8-12.

*note: all these books can be read in order as written or as stand-alones

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