Hey, all! This year’s book tour will be COMPLETELY in the Midwest! That’s because I’ll be taking a mid-May authors’ trip overseas this year — so my publisher is kindly keeping me closer to home (and keeping my jet lag at bay…I hope).

I’ll be presenting and signing at schools in the cities above as well as in St. Louis, MO (school visits only). For registration and/or details about the public events, go to these links (not all are up yet) :

May 1: Joseph-Beth Booksellers (Cincinnati, OH)

May 3: Barnes & Noble, Livonia (Northville, MI)

May 22: Cuyahoga County Public Library (Bay Village, OH)

May 24: Louisville Public Library (Louisville, KY)

May 25: Red Balloon Bookshop (St. Paul, MN)

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One of my few regrets in life was never having had the chance to meet my childhood idol, Charles “Sparky” Schulz, creator of the iconic comic strip, Peanuts. Maybe it was for the best because I might have just been another gawking fan. Still, it would’ve been nice to have had the chance thank the man who unknowingly catapulted me into the world of cartooning.

Like many others, I first read Peanuts in the funny pages when I was a little kid. Not long after, I started reading the strips in book collections. In fact, I still have my first beloved treasury of his, published before I was even born.

Said treasury from 1968. Beyond-tattered book cover had to be removed.

I always had a knack for drawing, but Peanuts was what drew me to humor and storytelling. Not only was Peanuts so masterfully drawn, it had the most charming combination of humor and humanity, and I think that really struck a chord before I was even aware of it.

Charlie Brown especially captivated me. Neurotic, sensitive, insecure, conflicted, but ever-hopeful, he was my alter ego. But it was Snoopy I fell hopelessly for as a kid…maybe because I never had a dog growing up, or maybe because he had all the charisma and self-confidence I felt I was lacking.

I drew Snoopy all the time. Funny enough, my dad co-owned a paper supply company. He’d bring home beautiful, bright-white scratch pads that I would fill with Snoopies galore. I got so good at drawing Snoopy, other kids would demand my sketches, and I’d gladly comply, wanting to be liked and admired just like Charlie Brown.

Snoopy card I made for my parents’ anniversary, probably around age ten. Even then, I knew the “rule of three.” I was not yet aware of gender stereotyping.

As I got older and started making up my own comics, Peanuts was always on my mind. I loved creating similar ensemble casts and giving the characters distinct personalities. And when I got serious about making cartooning a career, consciously or not, I always had a main character who was neurotic, sensitive, insecure, conflicted, and ever-hopeful. No dog in my strips, but I finally got one in real life.

Early Pajama Diaries syndicated comic strip (2006), sans dog.

When I first visited the Charles M Schulz Museum in 2009, I got to see Sparky’s recreated office setup. Aside from his personal drawings and paraphernalia which blew my mind, it resembled such a typical cartoonist’s studio, I felt reconnected to both the man and the profession. It reminded me that Charles Schulz wasn’t just a legend, but a human being with stories to tell, just like the rest of us. As a little homage, I later named my digital drawing tablet “Sparky.”

At the Charles M Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA, in 2009 and 2022 (during a speaking gig at the Museum).

Although I never got to meet Charles Schulz in person, I’ve been lucky enough to befriend his wife, Jeannie, as well as many creators who were meaningfully transformed by his art. Sparky, you’ve inspired me and so many others to bring our inner worlds to life. Happy birthday from one of your millions upon millions of admiring fans.

Introducing the seventh book in the Emmie & Friends series, coming out May 2, 2023…

It’s finally sweet Sarah’s turn in the spotlight! The story kicks off as Sarah Reyes tries to decide if she should ask a boy to the school spring dance. But he’s not just any boy — he’s her best friend Leo’s buddy, Ben! The chapters switch back and forth between Sarah’s and Leo’s POV and showcase two “what if” scenarios: whether Sarah asks Ben and whether she chickens out…and what events unfold based on each of those decisions!

As always, relationships, self-doubt, feelings galore, and hilarity take center stage in this latest installment about mustering courage and facing decisions.


Sarah and Leo have been best friends since they were little. They share everything… until Sarah starts crushing on Leo’s friend Ben. Then one day Sarah is suddenly faced with a big choice — ask Ben to the school dance OR chicken out. Either way, Sarah and Leo’s friendship will be put to the test.

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I’m so excited to be among such an amazing lineup of authors at the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, TX and the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) in Chicago, IL. I’ll be in Texas March 22-23 and Chicago March 24.

Click here for details about my appearance at NTTBF.

Click here for details about my appearance at C2E2.

Hope to see you!