BOOK 5 cover reveal!

So pleased to reveal the cover of the next book in the Emmie & Friends series…TRULY TYLER! That’s right, it features a boy. Not just any boy, but Emmie’s crush from INVISIBLE EMMIE.

The story kicks off as Tyler and Emmie join forces in art class to create their own comic book. The chapters switch back and forth between Tyler and Emmie as they work on their project over the next three weeks. Peer pressure, self doubt, and (as always) hilarity ensue in this layered tale of friendship and family. BONUS: It includes Tyler and Emmie’s final comic creation — as in: a book within a book!

I’m so pleased with the way this story came together, and I hope you’ll agree. TRULY TYLER comes out May 4, 2021. To pre-order, go here.

5 Comments on “BOOK 5 cover reveal!

  1. Ms Libenson, I was wondering if you’re ever going to feature any queer characters in your books? I love your graphic novels so so so much, and it would mean the world to be if you had a queer character in one of them.

  2. I would love to! There is a minor character (adult), Brianna’s aunt, who is. She and her wife Tina make appearances in BECOMING BRIANNA and POSITIVELY IZZY. But yes, I would LOVE to feature a queer kid character down the road. Right now, unfortunately, the publishing industry is discouraging that from authors who are not LGBTQ (but I’m hopeful!).

  3. Hey there!
    Ms. Libenson, i was curious if i could interview you! i love your books and would love to get to know more about you!
    (im a girl by the way)

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