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  1. Dear Terri Libenson,

    Hi my name is Alianna Williams, I am ten years old,and I go to Kingsley Elementary School, District 65 and I’m in 5th grade. You might be wondering where is that school.Well here is our address.2300 on Green Bay Road,In Illinois,Evanston.You also might wondering why I am writing to you.Well I’m writing to you about how great your book is. And how I acknowledge it. And you might be thinking what book am I talking about. Well the book i’m going to be telling you about is Invisible Emmie.

    I wanted to tell you that my favorite character in the book is Emmie because, I love how she starts off of being one quiet teen girl but in the end she turns into one normal teenager, like she is talking a lot more and she has much more friends. And also I like your character Emmie because even though she is going through a lot of stuff at school she just doesn’t do much.

    Like other people in real life and in that book would have done something about it, probably like get revenge and would want to get even. But Emmie, she’s a very kind and nice person even if she is in a drama

    I hope you don’t mind but my questions about this book/character is…,1 how did you come up the characters. 2, how did you come up with those names. 3, how did you come up with those pictures. And 4,how did come up with the idea of this book.I believe that I have more questions but I don’t want to waste your time.

    Well I hope you liked my letter .And I really hope anything that I have said that offended you I am so sorry. And once again I love your book Invisible Emmie. Also I just wanted to tell you that your book has inspired me alot so I really And I really hope that you will write more books to inspire more kids out there in the world.And I hope you write more books.Cause if you do im am so excited for you to make more books.

    Alianna Williams

    PS. I am sending this with my teacher’s email address. She will pass on anything you write back to me.

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