Indie bestseller list!

This speaks for itself. I couldn’t be more thrilled. EMMIE and IZZY are doing phenomenally, and I have you readers to thank. So…THANK YOU!!

2 Comments on “Indie bestseller list!

  1. Hey Terri. I just wanted to say you inspire me so much by Positivity Izzy and Invisible Emmie! I love both of them and just got Positively Izzy today! You ( and Raina Telgimier ) are my favorite cartoonists! I really want to be a cartoonist when I grow older! All my friends and social media (Amino and Musicaly/Tik Tok) say I’m an amazing artist! Thank you for you positive (see the pun?) fumes from your books!

    • Hi, Ava. Thank you for reaching out! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books. Keep up the art, sounds like you have a great artistic future ahead! -Terri

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