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So here’s something cool: Invisible Emmie has been picked up (so far) by 14 different publishers around the globe. The UK edition came out at the same time as the North American edition (and looks similar). Here are 3 more that are on their way next! The German, French (look at that unique design, which I love) and Spanish covers are shown above. It’s interesting the way each publisher anticipates how its young readers will be drawn in (The German publisher was very adamant about having a teal cover). My only hope is that readers all over the world will ultimately enjoy Emmie.

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  1. Hi Terri,

    I’m going to get “Emmie Invisible” and it will show soon. I’m looking at “Emmie around the world” (i.e. http://terrilibenson.com/2017/05/emmie-around-the-world/), but I’m curios about the different countries. I think “unsichthar” (German?), “es” (Spanish?), and “carnet…” (French?). [Obviously, I’m not very with this stuff. I had a brain tumor in 2003 a long time ago.] Anyhow, I get some other pictures, but I can’t find “carnet…”. Can you find this one (by itself)? Thanks!

    By the way, I think I’ll giving some of my granddaughters from “Emmie Invisible” and “the Pajama Diaries” (especially Bat-Zilla)!

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