When readers send me book title suggestions…

I get reader suggestions for book titles from time to time. And they’re all great! So I thought I’d share some of those…along with what I did to ’em.

6 Comments on “When readers send me book title suggestions…

  1. i think my favorite was joyful josh lol
    whats yours???
    btw excited for your upcoming book!
    heres my book name idea if i had one
    zesty zoe
    (from becoming brianna)
    quick qna
    how do you pronounce brianna’s name
    is it bree-au-na or bry-ann-a?
    i have a hard time saying it hahah
    welp i ran out of stuff to say
    i hope you respond back!
    – josephine

    • Love Zesty Zoe!
      You can pronounce Brianna either way. In my head, it’s “bree-ann-a.” But a lot of people say it either way, and that’s just fine. Thanks for reading!

  2. I love zesty Zoe too! I really hope you write a book about Zoe, and use that title!

    I have a title too, Delightful Dev, Daring Dev, Amazing Maya, and Outstanding Olivia

    I love your books! I hope you respond back!

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