Lists, lists, lists…

Barnes & Noble asks: “What Are the Best Graphic Novels for Kids?” Well, here’s their answer.

Not a bad list to be on.

Also, check out a recent photo that someone took at the Amazon Bookstore:

















No complaints here.

Let’s hope this year’s momentum continues!

5 Comments on “Lists, lists, lists…

  1. Currently a high school teacher, I taught middle school students for a long time. “Invisible emmie” is an amazingly true depiction of what middle school is like for girls!! I am going to recommend this book to every middle school teacher I know!!! Thank you, Ms. Libenson, for making all girls feel normal!!!

    • Thanks, Susan! I’m so glad you enjoyed, and I appreciate your recommending EMMIE to your teacher friends. Have a wonderful New Year! -Terri

  2. I will check out your book, it sounds very interesting. I love your Pajama Diaries… and wish you all the best, and a great 2018 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  3. HI!!! my name is tiara and i am 11 years old! I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! i just finished becoming brianna!!! i also have just jaime, invisible emmie, and posi positively izzy!! i cant wait for your next book!!! stay safe and have a great summer!!

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