Book Two Reveal!

I am so pleased to reveal the cover and title of my next book, which will be hitting stores in 2018: Positively Izzy!

This is the spin-off of Invisible Emmie, starring Emmie’s lovably brainy bff, Brianna, and an entirely new character, Izzy! Can’t reveal much more than that, but I guarantee it’s just as engaging as Emmie. I’ll post when pre-orders are ready.

This has been another labor of love — I can’t wait for you to read it!



5 Comments on “Book Two Reveal!

  1. My daughter, Willow, loves this book, but she discovered in her book on page 124 (top of page) it says “one my way out”and should say “on my way out”. She just wanted you to know! 😀

  2. Your books are so great I would love to learn how you right your comic novels i am wanting to make my own book.

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